Cake batter hydrating conditioner (left side):

Ultra-rich, nourishing conditioner great fro all types of hair naturally restores balance leaving hair incredibly light, silky, & tangle-free.


-nourishing, rich formula for young hair

-safe and gentle for sensitive scalp

-great for all hair type

-paraben & alcohol free

-Natural lice preventative ingredients

-gluten, nut& phthalate free

Creamsicle Mist moisturizing detangler (right side):

This lighter than a feather leave-in conditioning spray refreshes and infuse moisture. The lightweight moisturizing detangler, no build-up, can be used on wet or dry hair!


-lightweight, leave-in treatment

-natural lice preventative ingredients

-paraben & alcohol free

-phthalate free

Blueberry Blast clarifying shampoo (left side):

Gently cleanses hair removing build-up, chlorine & other chemicals deposits leaving hair feeling renewed. Finally a healthy, safe and effective clarifying shampoo for infant, toddler, tweens and teens. 


-gently removes chorine & product buildup

-awesome for swimmers of all ages

-can be used daily

-naturally tear free

-paranen, sulfate & alcohol free

-natural lice preventative ingredients

-gluten, nut & phthalate free

Candy Apple moisturizing shampoo (right side):

Daily moisturizing shampoo restores & maintain vital moisture keeping hair naturally soft, shiny & manageable. They say that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". 


-perfect for all hair types

-safe and gentle for sensitive scalp

-naturally tear free

-paraben, sulfate & alcohol free

-lice preventative ingredients

-gluten, nut & phthalate free

Banana Spike molding putty (top):

Matte finish style builder, perfect for spiking hair, undercut styles or creating that dry messy look.


-matte finish

-great for style building

-awesome for spiking hair and that messy look

-provides hold with dry texture for both boys and girls

-paraben, phthalate & alcohol free

Chocolate Controller styling paste (middle):

Soft, flexible hold perfect for adding shine, holding curls and taming longer locks. 


-soft, flexible hold

-great for curls and texture

-eliminates frizz​

-perfect for longer boy's cuts

-paraben, phthalate & alcohol free

Vanilla Cream styling cream (bottom):

Smooths hair, eliminates frizz, lightweight shine & flexible hold for adding texture


-smooths hair and eliminates frizz

-adds moisture and shine

-ideal for blow drying straight hair

-perfect holds for buns, braids and ponies

-paraben, phthalate & alcohol free

Watermelon Hard Candy gel (left side):

This lusciously light and totally non-flaking gel delivers a seedless shine while keeping curls and spike intact all day long.


-provides firm hold & definition

-great for curl, texture and shine

-dries hard without flaking

-paraben, phthalate & alcohol free

Glam Glitter Gum gel (right side):

No residue, medium hold gel perfect for buns, updos & adding volume to fine hair.


-volumizer for fine hair

-strong hold for bun& updos

-great for curls, texture & lightweight feel with a light amount of glitter

-paraben, phthalate & alcohol free

Glop & Glam Trio:

The perfect combo for all travelers. This traveling size kit may be "small" but it is filled with the ultimate needs for when you are on the go. Candy Apple shampoo, Cake Batter conditioner and the Creamsicle Mist detangler is all you need. 

Original Sprout Scrumptious Baby Cream:

-Leaves skin soft, moist and smooth as velvet

-For babies, children and adult

-Nurture delicate skin

-No greasy residue and ideal for all skin types

Original Sprout Hair & Body baby wash:

- Leaves hair and skin clean and ultra soft

-Naturally helps clear cradle cap

-For babies, children, and adults

-Gentle on eyes

-Easy rinse

Original Sprout Natural Shampoo:

-For babies, children and adults

-Detangling and conditioning

-Extra gentle on the eyes

-For every hair type

-Quick and easy rinse

Original Sprout Deep Conditioner:

-For all hair types

-For babies, children and adults

-Locks in color and shine

-Rich in moisture and protein

-Calm frizzies and tangles

-Easy rinse

Original Sprout Leave-in Conditioner:

-Strengthens, softens and hydrates

-Pre-swim and styling treatment

-For babies, children and adults


-No rinse

Original Sprout Curl Calmer:

-For babies, children and adults

-Extra moisturizing for dry or delicate hair

- Helps fortify against breakage

- Easy rinse


Original Sprout Hair Gel:

-For babies, children and adults

-For thicker, smooth, healthy hair

-Strengthens, softens and hydrates

-No flakes or sticky residue

-Naturally detangles

-Easy rinse and Frizz-free